Station: Fenton, MI

First GTW Fenton MI depotFirst GTW Fenton MI depotFenton Depot New GTW Fenton MI depotNew GTW Fenton MI depotFenton was settled in 1834 and called Dibbleville. The name was changed to Fentonville in 1837 and Fenton in 1886. It became a village in Genesee County in 1863.

Fenton was located on the Detroit and Milwaukee railroad line (later GTW) from Detroit to Grand Rapids, just west of Holly.

Photo info/credit: Top, an old view of an earlier GTW depot at Fenton with a passenger train loading in front. 2nd photo, an old postcard view of a passenger train arriving at Fenton with awaiting passengers, baggage and LCL freight. [Both, Alan Loftis collection]. 3rd photo, a newer GTW station in Fenton. [Alkan Loftis Collection]. 4th photo taken in 1975. [Charlie Whipp]. 5th photo, the depot continues to exist n 2003 and used by a local business. [Alan Loftis]


1917. The GTW had an operator and station agent here on the day shift. [TRT]