Station: Wayland, MI

PRR Wayland Depot with TrainGR&I Wayland DepotGR&I Wayland Depot and Train 1910GR&I Wayland Water TowerGR&I Wayland Old DepotPRR Wayland Freight House 2003Wayland MI Interurban train Wayland was founded in 1836 as a sawmill town in Allegan County. It became a station stop on the Grand Rapids & Indiana between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids and also had an interurban line through town.

Photo Info/Credits: Top two photos, a GR&I passenger train stops at the depot. Called a "union" station, it may have served the interurban line as well. Note the water tower on the left. The station semaphore indicates that all trains must stop and await train orders from the station's telegraph operator. [Alan Loftis collection]. Photos 3-4, both early views of Wayland, with an older depot or freight house.  The device at the left of photo 4 is perhaps a mail bag delivery device. Photo 5 is of an older depot. Bottom photo, a 2003 photo of the old depot/freight house. [Alan Loftis]. Last photo, the Interurban railroad depot at Wayland with a stopped train. [Mark Worrall collection].