Station: Hamilton, MI (Allegan County)

PM Hamilton DepotC&O Hamilton TrestleHamilton was located six miles southeast of Holland in Allegan County.  The town was first inhabited in 1835 and first called Rabbit River.  The village was platted in 1862 and changed to Hamilton in 1870.  [MPN] A railroad branch line was built southeast from Holland to Allegan and it came through this town.  Later, the line was truncated and Hamilton became the south terminus.

Photo Info/Credit:  Above, an early photo of the PM depot at Hamilton.  Below, a photo of the trestle in Hamilton with the river dam below, taken in 1977.  [Charles Geletzke Jr.]


1945. The Michigan Public Service Commission hereby grants permission to the Pere Marquette Railway Company to discontinue Hamilton as an agency station and substitute therefor a caretaker who shall maintain the station facilities for the handling of less-than-carload shipments insofar as the railroad rules and contracts with their employees will permit. [MPSC-1945]