Location: Thornton Junction, IL

Thornton Jct. is a location on the GTW South Bend subdivision at milepost 25.2 in Cook County. In 1971, the GTW crossed the C&EI railroad here at grade, controlled by a mechanical interlocking. [GTWET-1971-0425]

Today, the former GTW line is under CSX control, and crosses the Union Pacific's Villa Grove subdivision, just south of UP's Yard Center.


1916. The Grand Trunk places in service a new double-track signal installation between Thornton Junction, IL and C.&W.I. Junction, within the city limits of Chicago. The later point is the end of this company's line, as its trains use the tracks of the Chicago & Western Indiana from there to the Dearborn street station. This 20 mile installation completes the automatic signal protection on the double-track main line of the GT from Chicago to Granger, Michigan, approximately 108 miles. At Thornton Junction, the new a.c. signal installation ties into the d.c. installation placed in service late in 1912. [RSC-1916-5]

1917. The GTW had an agent here during the day as well as telegrapher/operators on all shifts. These were jointly paid along with the C&EI railroad. [TRT]