Station: Chicago, IL - LaSalle Street Station

LaSalle Street station is located at 414 South LaSalle Street in downtown Chicago. It is currently a computer rail terminal for Chicago's Metra's Rock Island District.

The New York Central and its predessors used LaSalle Street station from 1852 until 1968. The original station was opened in 1952 but was destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. It was rebuilt. This second station was demolished and a new station opened in 1903 which stood until 1981.

LaSalle was used by the New York Central, Rock Island, Nickel Plate Road and Chicago & Eastern Illinois. The MC joined other NYC lines at LaSalle in 1957. Those lines were merged into Penn Central which used the station until 1968, when they moved to Union Station.

Intercity rail service at LaSalle ended in 1971. The station was demolished i;n 1981 and replaced by a new station for Metra. {Wiki and other sources].

Current and predessor stations:

  • Michigan Southern Depot (SW corner of LaSalle and Van Buren Streets - 1866-1871
  • Lake Shore & Michigan Southrn Station - South La Salle and W. Van Buren streets - 1873-1903
  • La Salle Street Station - South La Salle and W. Van Buren streets. 1903-1981

La Salle Street station served the following railroads:

  • Chicago, Indiana & Southern
  • Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway
  • Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad
  • New Yor, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad (Nickel Plate)
  • Lake Shore & Michigan Southern