Station: Chicago, IL - Central Station

Central Station was located in  downtown Chicago, at the southern end of Grant Park near Roosevelt Road and Michigan Avenue. It was owned by the Illinois Central Railroad but also served other railroad companies via trackage right. It opened in 1893 replacing Great Central Station" (on the site of the current Millennium Station).

The Michigan Central utilized Central station and its predessor via a connection with the IC at Kensington, however in later years it also used LaSalle Street Station for some trains. NYC affiliate Big Four line (Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis) also used this station, as did the Chicago & West Michigan ( PM) line from Grand Rapids.

In 1957, the NYC switched all MC trains to LaSalle, causing the Central Station to sue the MC for breach on contract. The case was reportedly settled for $5 million.

Central Station was closed in 1972 when Amtrak rerouted trains to Union Station, and the station was demolished in 1974. [Wiki]

The station served the following railroads:

1917. The MC had an operator here arouind-the-clock. [TRT]