Location: West Detroit Yard, Detroit, MI (MC)

West Detroit Yard was a Michigan Central yard which was located along the MC main line between West Detroit tower and Scotten Avenue, on the south side of the tracks. The yard had a 463 car capacity.

M.C. Builds Roundhouse at West Detroit Yards

New structure to House 40 locomotives – 200 men are employed.

One of the largest roundhouses in the country is being constructed by Michigan Central lines at West Detroit.

When completed the structure will house 40 engines. The 40 tracks extend from the turntable into a building which forms almost a circle. The railroad is also covering several acres of ground with repair shops, train sheds and other new buildings which will make the yards among the most complete in the country.

The work is being done by the O. B. Fuller Construction company, which is also building the new depot at 12th St.

The railroad yards job was begun May 1 and the construction company has had a gang of more than 200 men at work continuously since. [DFP-11/9/1912]