Location: Union Produce Terminal Yard, Detroit, MI

The Union Produce Terminal was located on the south side of Fort Street, 1/2 mile east of I-75. The building continues to exist as of 2021. A large yard served this facility and was used by the Union Belt owners, the Pere Marquette, Wabash and Pennsylvania railroads.

1951. This Terminal occupies approximately 289 acres and consists of two 2-story brick and concrete produce warehouses and office buildings covering an area of approximately 175,400 square feet, and a service building with 7,700 square feet.

Thirty-five tracks afford a total capacity of 95 cars. Eight of the tracks serve the two produce warehouses, five serve the concrete driveways for bulk deliveries of produce and the remainder are used for hold cars, inspection, interchange, icing, switching, etc.

This Terminal is owned by the Green Real Estate Company, the capital stock of which is owned one-third each by the C&O, Wabash and Pennsylvania railroads.

In addition to the produce Terminal, the Green Real Estate Company owns approximately 18 acres of land adjacent thereto, of which approximately 2 acres are occupied by brick and concrete warehouse buildings with tracks leading thereto. The principal warehouse south of the main tracks is under lease to the Great Atlantic & Pacific Company. The trackage serving Green Real Estate Company facilities totals approximately 9.5 miles.