Location: River Rouge, MI - NYC / DT&I Crossing (Marsh Track)

This was a crossing of the DT&I main line north across Zug Island to West End Street (Delray/Detroit) and the MC/LSMS Marsh Track (River Rouge Yard to the Detroit River (steel mill area). The DT&I main was built about 1897, with the Marsh track built about the same time.

1925. DT&I rebuilds interlocking with Michigan Central. Adds 32 levers as well as replacing semaphores with color-position-light signals. [RSC-1926] Note: This is presumed to be this crossing but not confirmed. This was ordered by the MPSC in 1923. [MPSC-1923]

May 12, 1930: The Michigan Public Utilities Commission inspected the updated interlocked crossing here and approved it for use. [MPUC-1930]