Location: Oakwood Yard, Melvindale, MI

NS Oakwood Yard NS Oakwood Yard Oakwood Yard was the Wabash's main yard in the Detroit Terminal. It continues to operate in 2015 as Manifest Yard for the Norfolk Southern. The yard extended from Fort Street on the east to Outer Drive on the west. The yard also had stock facilities. [MCTC-1950]

Photo info: Top, a photograph taken about 1910 of the brand-new Wabash Railroad Oakwood Yard (near what is now Melvindale). [Library of Congress collection]. 2nd photo, a modern photograph of what is now Norfolk Southern's Oakwood Yard in Melvindale, MI, taken from the Fort Street bridge looking southwest. The track at the far left is the former Pennsylvania Railroad main line leaving to go to Lincoln Yard (remnants in the distance). Ecorse Junction and the Union Belt of Detroit are behind camera.  2002. [Dale Berry]