Location: Rouge Telegraph, Dearborn, MI

Route Telegraph Tower Rouge Telegraph was a 2-story tower which was located at the north end of Rougemere Yard in southeast Dearborn. The tower operator lined westbound trains on the main line to Plymouth, and inbound trains towards the Union Belt and Fort Street Union Station.

The tower is no longer manned but still exists as of 2021.

Photo info/credit: Top, Chessie System's Rouge Telegraph Tower, located at the north end of Rougemere Yard in East Dearborn. This tower governed train movements leaving the yard towards Plymouth and beyond. The large bridge over the top of the New York Central (Miller Road) is in the distance. 1987 [Charlie Whipp]

Location: 42o18.748'N / 83o09.385'W

1908 improvements. The PM installed a new interlocking plant here. [PMAR-1908]

1927. The PM telegraphers agreement shows a Rougemere Tower, but not a Rouge Telegraph Tower. This may be one in the same.  In 1927, the operator-telegrapher was paid 68ยข per hour on all shifts. [PMTA]

Note: The photo of this tower suggests that it was constructed in the 1940's. The location of the Rougemerre operator may have been at a yard office, or former structure.