Location: Oakwood Junction, Allen Park, MI

Oakwood Junction, also called "O-J", is the interlocked crossing of the Wabash main line (Detroit to Montpelier, OH) and the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton (D&I branch to the Ford Rouge complex). This junction continues to exist under NS and CN ownership. The NS Fort Wayne dispatcher controls this interlocking as of 2014.

Location: 42o16.226'W / 83o12.289'W.

Time Line

December, 1912.  AUTOMATIC BLOCK SIGNALS ON THE WABASH. The Wabash began work during the latter part of November on the installation of 45 miles of double track automatic block signals on its line between Milan and Delray, Mich, and between Milan and Britton, Mich. This covers the new double track, part of which is now in service. The Union Switch & Signal Co.’s Style “S” signals are to be used throughout the installation except at the interlocking plants at Oakwood, Romulus, Milan and Britton, where the Style “T” signals will be employed. The installation will be direct current, the signals operating on primary battery of the Gordon type. The interlocking plants will be equipped with indicators and annunciators and route locking, with back locks on the distant signals. The automatic signal work will be done by the Wabash's forces under the supervision of L. Parnell, general foreman. The interlocking work now under way comprises the reconstruction of the interlocking plant at Milan, Mich, which will result in the installation of a Union Style “S” electro-mechanical machine. [TSE-12/1912]

1923. The MPSC approved a new interlocking for the crossing of the Wabash by the Detroit & Ironton railroad. [MPS-1023]

1924. The Wabash ad 20 electric levers to the interlocker here for approach signals and detector locking. [RSC-1925]

1925. The DT&I upgrades the Wabash interlocking with 28 new levers and replaces semaphore signals with color position light signals. [RSC-1926]