Location: Detroit, MI - Oakland Avenue (GTW/DSR)

This was the crossing of the Detroit Street Railway Oakland Avenue line and the Grand Trunk Western main line from Detroit to Durand, in north Detroit.

Location: 42o25.458'N / 83o05.678'W.

Time Line

1923. The MPUC allows the DGH&M and DUR to change the locking mechanism on this interlocking plant so that the DUR signals may be lined up in both directions. The order notes that the DUR is operating over the crossing on a ten minute schedule and it has required the leverman to be constantly changing the levers to give the route to the DUR lines over this crossing. Under the change, the leverman will be able to route crs from both directions at the same time. [MPUC-1924]

1931. The MPUC allows the railroads to discontinue the interlocking plant at this location. This is because the DSR operates only one train per day here now. The crossing becomes a stop and flag for the DSR, and the GTW limited to 20 mph. [MPUC-1931]