Location: North Yard, Detroit, MI

North Yard is located on the Michigan Central Bay City branch (Detroit to Bay City) between Conant Avenue on the south and East McNichols Avenue on the north, in an area which was originally called North Detroit. It became part of the City of Detroit in the early 1900's. This was a hump classification yard for the Michigan Central and later the New York Central, handling trains to central and northern Michigan as well as the auto industry in Warren, Sterling Heights and Utica. It continued to operate in 2014 under Conrail Shared Assets ownership by NS and CSX, though hump operations have been removed. The yard is a bit more than 1.5 miles in length.

In the 1950's, North Yard held 1,782 cars (847 in the north receiving yard, 835 in the class yard, and 100 in a GTW interchange yard).

Location: 42o24.566'W / 83o02.152'W.