Location: West Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI - (DT&I/DSR)

Jefferson Avenue Tower controlled the crossing of the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railway (near Delray) with the Detroit Street Railway trolley line on West Jefferson. This tower also controlled the DT&I swing bridge to Zug Island.

Time Line

1935. Jefferson Avenue Tower communicated on Grade Line No. 5 (1 long, 2 short). Also on this grade line were Delray (3 short); Rouge Drawbridge (4 short); West Detroit (2 short), and YD Tower (1 long, 1 short, also known as Pleasant Street).  [ MC Detroit Yard EE Timetable No. 76]

Note: From Mike Delaney, rail historian. "After analyzing the data from my chart collection it seems this tower controlled a lot. This was the interlocking at the DT&I swing bridge onto Jefferson Avenue from Zug Island. This was a busy tower. It controlled the interlocking and gates with the DSR on West Jefferson and Dearborn Ave. Also, the crossing with the MCRR Exposition spur (north on Dearborn Avenue), the exchange track switch, the Solvay Process entry and exit targets, the swing bridge itself, and more. In 1926. So it deserves its recognition as an important interlocking of its time.