Location: Junction Yard, Detroit, MI

MC Junction Yard MC Junction Yard Junction Yard was a large Michigan Central classification yard on the west side of the City of Detroit. It was along the south side of MC's main line (Detroit to Chicago), running approximately from Livernois Avenue i9n Detroit to Wyoming Avenue in east Dearborn. The Junction yardmaster tower was near Wyoming Avenue, and the  Livernois yardmaster was at Livernois Avenue.

Parts of this yard had different names (i.e. Livernois Yard) with dedicated yardmasters. This yard had a westbound hump operation at Lonyo Road, was 2.25 miles long, or even longer if you consider the advanced departure yard which extended west to Town Line at Greenfield Avenue. Another eastbound hump was located at Central Avenue, which dumped cars into Livernois Yard.

Photo info/credits: Top, This photograph, taken around 1900, shows Michigan Central's Junction Yard, which was located along their main line between Livernois and Wyoming Avenues. Though the quality of the photograph is poor, it does show an old style coaling station. Cars full of coal were backed up on the ramp and then dumped into the building and then ultimately into the tenders or adjacent locomotives. [Library of Congress collection]. 2nd photo, a map of Junction Yard in 1914.

1880. The MC builds a brick engine and boiler house at Car Shops in Detroit, with a new Corlis 87-horse power engine and boilers. Due to an inadequate supply of water, the railroad lays an 8-inch iron pipe from the river to the shops, a distance of 3.25 miles. Water from the river is pumped to the shops, thus insuring not only an ample supply, but greater protection against fire.  [MCAR-1880]

1929: MC completes a car retarder installation at West Detroit. This includes 431 classification tracks, two towers, 17 retarders, 35 power switches and 435 switch signals, 31 power skates. Manufactured by USI&S. [RSC-1930]

1950. According to a map provided in 1950 by the Motor City Traffic Club, there were the following yards within the Junction Yard complex:

  • Southbound Yard - 399 car capacity
  • Southbound Stock Yard - 171 car capacity
  • Southbound Transfer Yard - 236 car capacity
  • Old Westbound Yard - 656 car capacity
  • Eastbound Classification Yard - 1,255 car capacity
  • Eastbound Receiving Yard - 572 car capacity
  • Westbound Classification Yard - 2,316 car capacity
  • Westbound Receiving Yard - 724 car capacity
  • Advance Departure Yard - 507 car capacity

Location: 42o19.141'N / 83o08.818'W.