Station: Grosse Isle, MI

MC Grosse Isle MI MC Grosse Isle MI MC Grosse Isle MI Grosse Isle, which is an island in the Detroit River near Trenton, was settled about 1776 when it was deeded to settlers by the indians. [MPN]

Grosse Isle was served by the Chicago & Canada Southern railroad, which crossed from Canada via ferry to Stony Island, and the Grosse Isle. The United States Government established a custom's house on the island to monitor incoming people and goods. The railroad was purchased by the Michigan Central which continued to use the crossing for traffic to and from Canada. The MC built a station on the island which continues to exist today. When the new MC Detroit river tunnel was built in 1908, this line decreased in usage and was pulled up by the early 1930's.

Photo info/credit: Top, the Michigan Central depot at Grosse Isle.  This depot served as the entrance to Michigan and the United States from Amherstberg, Ontario.  A ferry was used to cross trains on the Detroit River to Stony Island, then across a fixed bridge to Grosse Isle island and this depot.  [Dale Berry photo]. 2nd photo, nother photo of the area near the depot at Grosse Isle taken around 1900. This is apparently the original depot which was in place until the newer depot was built in 1904. [Both, Library of Congress collection]. 3rd photo, a 2002 view of the restored station. [Dale Berry]

In September, 1919, the MC established a 400' side track at the Grosse Ile (sic) Country Club with an eastbound training switch. The siding was removed in 1926. [SMA]