Location: Ford Motor Rouge Complex, Dearborn, MI

Ford Rouge Plant Gate 4 The Ford Motor Company Rouge complex is one of the largest industrial works in the world. It is located in the City of Dearborn, bounded by Schaeffer Road on the west, the Pere Marquette Railroad on the east, the Michigan Central railroad on the north, and the Rouge River on the south.

The Rouge works had major railroad yards and facilities within its properties. Rail connections were located on most sides of the complex, the MC and Detroit Terminal on the north, the PM, Detroit Terminal and PRR on the east, and the DT&I and MC on the west.

One of the yards in this complex is referred to as the North Yard. [MCTC-1950]

Photo info: This photo appears to be taken along Miller Road at Gate 4.Note the street car tracks east of Miller which were accessed from the bridge. Also, in the back of the photo, is the Pere Marquette main line which has DT&I catenary for interchange purposes. This is in 1920. [Getty Images photo]

Time Line

1951. Estimated to be the largest industrial center in the world covering an area of 1,200 acres, the plant contains 14 miles of roadways and has its own bus system within. On the premises are 1.33 miles of ship docks, 100 miles of railway track, and 8 to 15 switching crews (Ford employees) which operate each day on all three shifts.

The plant is served by the following railroads: Chesapeake & Ohio; Detroit Terminal; Detroit, Toledo & Ironton; Michigan Central; Pennsylvania; and Wabash. [COFTD]