Interlocking: Fort Street, Detroit, MI

PM Fort Street Interlocking MapFort Street was the interlocked crossing of the Pere Marquette main line (Detroit to Chicago) and the Detroit Street Railway Fort Street line in southwest Detroit. This crossing was eliminated when the PM was elevated in the 1920's and the street railway crossed through an underpass. The interlocker continued to control crossovers and signals here, including the Pennsylvania line via the Foreman Wye.

Location: 42o17.581'N / 83o08.297'W.

Time Line

1904. The MCR orders the railroad companies to install and maintain a first class interlocking and rerailing switch and signal system at the crossing of the Detroit, Monroe & Toledo Short Line (interurban) and the Pere Marquette line (south of Rougemere).

1929: The PM installs a new US&S interlocker here, including 9 levers and 5 switches. [RSC-1930]

This location was replaced by a grade separation project in the 1930's.