Location: Detroit River Bridge, Grosse Isle, MI - (MC) 

This swing bridge, which allowed the Canada Southern (later MCRR) to bring ferry traffic from Ontario across the Detroit River to Michigan, before the rail tunnel was built in 1908.  The line was removed in the late 1920's and the bridge is reported to have been moved to Zug Island for the DT&I.

The Canada Southern railroad attempted to find a route from Ontario across Michigan to Chicago and built a Detroit River rail ferry operation between Amhertberg, Ontario and Stony Island on the U.S. side. From Stony Island to Grosse Isle, the railroad crossed on a Howe Truss bridge, and then after traveling the width of Grosse Isle, crossed this swing bridge to reach the mainland at Slocum Junction, north of Trenton. This line only got as far west as Fayette, Ohio before the railroad had serious financial troubles. The stock was purchased by Vanderbilt interests and ultimately merged into the Michigan Central.

The line from Slocum Junction to Dundee was sold to the DT&I. The line from Petersburg via Deerfield to Grovsnor was abandoned, and the line from Grosvsor to Fayette was operated by the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern (later NYC).

This drawbridge reportedly was removed and floated north to the Rouge River at Zug Island. See Jefferson Avenue Swing bridge.

Location: 42o07.619'N / 82o10.500'W.