Station: Delray, MI

The Delray area was settled about 1836 in southern part of Detroit along Fort Street and Dearborn Avenue. It was originally called Belgrade, and Del Ray, but renamed to Delray in 1851. The town was incorporated as a village in 1897 and then annexed by the City of Detroit in 1906. [MPN]

Delray was a crossing junction of multiple railroads:

  • Lake Shore & Michigan Southern (later NYC, PC, Conrail, NS)
  • Michigan Central (later NYC, PC, Conrail, NS)
  • Wabash (later NW, NS)
  • Detroit, Lansing & Northern (later PM, C&O, CSX)
  • Union Belt Railroad of Detroit (owned by PM, PRR, Wabash)
  • Delray Connecting Railroad
  • Various interurban and streetcar routes

The Wabash had a major roundhouse located here, as is the Detroit Union Produce Terminal.

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