Location: Dearoad Yard, River Rouge, MI (D&TSL)

DTSL Dearoad Station Dearoad Yard was the primary yard in the Detroit terminal for the Detroit & Toledo Shore Line railroad. It was located in River Rouge on their main line and was parallel to the MC and NYC River Rouge Yards. The D&TSL also had offices at this location including their dispatcher, and a roundhouse. [MCTC-1950]

Photo Info/Credit: The D&TSL office building at Dearoad, in 1925. [Charles Geletzke Jr. collection]

Information on Dearoad facilities. The section bunk house and foreman's office was built here in 1910. The south end yard officr and hostler's office and engine shed and car repair house was built in 1913. The yard and dispatcher's office was built in 1920. Dearoad had a 70-ton steel coaling station which was built in 1921. This location also had a 50,000 gallon water station which was described as a wood "tub" on a steel tower. There was also a 70' turntable here. [DTSL-1922]