Location: CP Lou, Dearborn, MI

CP Lou is a control point on the former Michigan Central main line at Wyoming Avenue in east Dearborn. CP Lou has a crossover and a connection with the CSX (former PM) Detroit to Grand Rapids line. The control point and this connection was installed about 1998 for use by Canadian Pacific trains which came from the Detroit River tunnel west to this connection and then on the CSX to Chicago via Grand Rapids. After about ten years, the CP switched their trains to trackage rights on NS' former Wabash line via Butler, Indiana.

The connection is now used for switching movements between the CSX Rougemere Yard and Conrail Shared Assets Junction Yard.

CP Lou was reportedly named after Conrail Superintendent Ronald Louis Batory. [MRF-1/1999]

Location: 42o19.288'N / 83o09.509'W.