Location: Clay Avenue, Detroit, MI

Clay Street Tower Clay Avenue crossed the Grand Trunk Western railroad just north of Milwaukee Junction in Detroit.

This location was 0.2 miles west (north) of Milwaukee Jct. Clay Avenue was the beginning of double track on the GTW main line, which extended to West Pontiac in 1971. It was also the beginning of automatic block signal protection. [GTWET-1971-0501]

Photo Info: Conrail 7305 is southbound on the Conrail main line, approaching Milwaukee Jct. in 1980. The wye track in the foreground of the photo is the lead from the GTW to the Holly Subdivision (controlled by Milwaukee Jct. tower). The tower in the distance is Clay Avenue, which is a traffic control tower and not an interlocking tower. The caboose track on the right is adjacent to the GTW Milwaukee Junction roundhouse. [Charlie Whipp]