Station: Porter, IN

Porter IN Pere Marquette stationPorter, Indiana is an important railroad junction southwest of Michigan City. At one time, the town had passenger stations for at least three railroads, including the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, the Michigan Central and the Pere Marquette.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, this is the Pere Marquette depot in Porter which was located about 1/4 mile northeast of the Junction. The train order board is stop for eastbound, and proceed for westbound trains. In the background, you can see Porter Tower. The water tower behind the depot is likely a Michigan Central facility. The other water tower behind the automobile, is likely the EJ&E. The date of this photo is likely 1910-1920 based on the automobile.

1920 - On the Michigan Central, this is a passenger ticket and freight station. Also issues Interline tickets. Also, a joint American Railway Express agency. R. A. Smith is the agent. [MCOAS]