Wayne County Stations - Other

The following stations or locations had rail service in Wayne County:

Advanced Departure Yard (MC) Coal Stockpile

Advanced Departure Yard (MC) Ice Facility

Allen Park

Amtrak Station - Woodward

Boat Yard (PM)

Boat Yard (Wabash/NS)

Car Ferry Operation - GTW

Car Ferry Operation - MCRR

Car Ferry Operation - PM

Central Produce Terminal (MC)

Charlevoix Avenue Crossing (MC Belt/DSR)

Davison Yard (GTW)

Dearborn - Rougemere

Detroit - Amtrak Station Woodward

Detroit - International Tunnel to Windsor

Detroit - Original "Central: railroad depot

Detroit - DT/MC Interchange Yard

Delray Station (DT&I)

Electrified Territory - MC Tunnel

Exposition and Spur

Foreman Lumber Spur Grade Crossing (PRR/NYC)

Garden City

Grosse Pointe

Grosse Pointe Farms

Grosse Pointe Park

Grosse Pointe Shores

Grosse Pointe Woods


Harper Woods

Highland Park - Ford Motor Plant

Kercheval Avenue (MC Belt/DSR)

Lincoln Park

Livernois Stock Yard


Mound Road Roundhouse and Engine Facility (DT)

Mount Elliott Crossing (MC Belt/DSR)

Nevada Avenue (DSR/MC Belt)

North Yard (CN)

Peninsular Salt Works

PRR Freight House

Redford Junction


Scotten Avenue (MC)

South Receiving Yard (MC)


Transit Yard - (MC)

Waterman Avenue Switchtender (MC/Wabash)