Station: Reese, MI

Reese MI railroad crossing Reese MI railroad crossing Reese MI railroad crossing Reese MI railroad mapReese was settled about 1865 at the very east edge of Tuscola County. The town was originally called Gates and a plank road came through here. In 1873, the Detroit & Bay City railroad (later MC/NYC/PC/HE) came through and established a station here. The town was renamed Reese in 1874 and became an incorporated village in 1887. [MPN] The Port Huron & Northwestern railroad also came through here and crossed the MC at grade. The crossing was controlled by a manual target signal at the top of a pole.

Photo info/credit: Top, a 1975 view of the Reese railroad grade crossing and depot under Penn Central ownership. [Charlie Whipp], 2nd photo, another view of the Reese crossing. The depot served both railroads and two train order boards are noted (one on a mast for the NYC and one on the building for the PM. [Ernie Novak/Charlie Whipp collection], 3rd photo, a 2002 view of the crossing and target. [Dale Berry], and 4th photo, a 1977 map of Reese and Munger. [Tom Hynes collection]


1917, The MC had a agent-operator here at the station during the day shift. [TRT]