Location: Tunnel Yard, Port Huron, MI

CN Port Huron Tunnel Yard CN Port Huron Tunnel Yard CN Port Huron Tunnel YardGrand Trunk Western Tunnel Yard was the railroads main freight facility in Port Huron. The yard extended from 16th Street near the tunnel entrance to Tappan tower on the west side of town.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, a 2005 photo of the west entrance to Tunnel Yard in Port Huron. This is the former location of Tappan interlocking tower. [Dan Meinhard]. 2nd photo, the Tunnel Yardmaster's office. [Dale Berry]. 3rd photo, the same yard office, located at 32nd Street, near the tunnel entrance. This is the building where crews went on and off duty. 1989. [Charlie Whipp]