Station: Dundee, MI - Interlocking Tower

Dundee Interlocking TowerThis interlocking tower was at the crossing of the Ann Arbor railroad and the Canada Southern line between Trenton and Fayette, OH (later becoming the DT&I on this section).

This tower was likely removed when the DT&I was pulled up (between Dundee and Tecumseh) in the 1930's. There is no record of this crossing in the Ann Arbor Railroad's 1936 employee timetable.

Photo Info/Credit: The tower, which was just north of the AA Dundee depot. Date unknown.

1896. On October 9, an Ann Arbor railroad sand and gravel train struck another freight train which was taking on water at the Lake Shore crossing in Dundee. The wreck was described as "a sad affair", with the gravel train's engine and cars ditched and piled two and three deep. The train crew jumped in time to save their lives. [YEX-1896-1009]

1918: The DT&I had an operator around the clock at this tower. [TRT]