Station: Newberry, MI

DSSA Newberry Depot

DSSA Newberry Depot DSSA Newberry Depot DSSA Newberry DepotNewberry was founded about 1882 as the logging headquarters of the Vulcan Furnace Company. It is the county seat of Luce County and first called Grant's Corner. It was home to a state psychiatric hospital which is now a prison. The town became a village in 1885.

The DSS&A had a two mile siding south off the main line to the state hospital. The "furnace compamy" also had a branch line north off the DSSA yard in Newberry. [DSSM]

From the Newberry News, 11/23/1889: "Newberry DSS&A Depot An 'Old Wood Shed'.  Railroad managers sometimes forget their obligations to the public. They are not granted valuable franchises simply to enrich the projectors but also to accommodate the public along the line. Wonder if there isn't some way of compelling the DSS&A to build a depot for the accommodation of the public at this place instead of the old wood-shed they are using. [Newberry News, 23 Nov, 1889]

Photo Info/Credit: Top, the DSS&A depot in Newberry [Alan Loftis collection]. 2nd photo, a postcard view of the same depot with a train. 3rd photo, a 1978 shot of the depot [Charlie Whipp] and 4th photo the depot in 2002. [Dale Berry]. 4th photo, a fire at the Newberry depot possibly in 1930. [Alan Loftis collection]


1907. DSS&A had a water tower at Newberry in 1907. [SSP1907]

1907. The Newberry station of the DSS&A was built in 1907. The small depot measures 20' by 60' with a hipped roof and overhanging eaves supported by wooden bracket. It is constructed of red sandstone and rests on a stone foundation, a rare design for a small station in the U.P. [UPM]

1918: The DSS&A had an agent as well as an operator/clerk during the day at this location. [TRT]

Newberry Depot fire