Wayne County - 82 - Roundhouses | Enginehouses | Turntables

Dearborn - Greenfield Village RR - 70' hand operated turntable in use. Moved here from Petoskey, MI (Pere Marquette)

Detroit - Detroit Terminal Railroad - Roundhouse and turntable located at their main yard at North Detroit.

Detoit - Michigan Central Livernois Yard - 1st roundhouse and turntable. Became a car shop after 2nd roundhouse was built in early 1900's.

Detroit - Michigan Central Livernois Yard - 2nd (and last) roundhouse and turntable. In place into Conrail era.

Detroit - Pere Marquette 21stStreet - Roundhouse at 12th Street near FSUD with 100' three-bearing, electrically operated. As of 1942.

Plymouth - Pere Marquette - 100' electrically operated turntable. In place as of 1942.