Railroad: Munising Railway Company

BuiltMunising Ry. MM&SE → LS&I

Built: 1897 - Munising to Little Lake.

Control: 1899 - by Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company.

Built: 1905 - Little Lake to Austin and Princeton mines.

Merged: 1911 - into Munising, Marquette & Southeastern.

Reference: [MRRC]

Dates of line construction as of 1901:

  • Munising to Little Lake - November 30, 1897 (38 miles)
  • Stillman to Acker - November 1, 1898 (6.5 miles)
  • Vail to Ackrer Mill - June 1, 1899 (2.5 miles)

The railroad had five stations as of 1901, and employed 39 employees. It had five locomotives, 4 passenger cars, 101 platform cars (for logging), and one way car (caboose). In 1901, the railroad can 33,294 passenger train miles vs. 27,484 mixed train miles. It only ran 275 freight only miles, which means that one could get a ride on almost any train on the railroad even if you had to sit in the caboose. [MRC-1901] Almost all freight traffic was related to forest products, including logs, lumber, shingles, cooperage and bark.

The main line of the road had telegraph line which was owned by Western Union (in 1901).