Railroad: Minneapolis, St.Paul and Sault Ste. Marie railroad

Built → Minneapolis St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie RR → Soo Line

Consolidated: 1888 - Minneapolis, Sault Ste. Marie & Atlantic and others.

Controlled: 1890 - by Canadian Pacific.

Leased: 1900 - Sainte Marie Union Depot. (50%)

Leased: 1909 - Wisconson Central (old)

Merged: 1961 - into Soo Line Railroad.

Reference: [MRRC]

Lines built in Michigan (as of 1901):

  • Minneapolis to Sault Ste. Marie - January 1, 1888
  • Rapid River to Trenary, MI - December 18, 1899 (24.43 miles)
  • Gladstone to coal docks (1.13 miles)
  • Gladstone to ore docks (1.10 miles)

The MStP&SSM had 20 stations in Michigan as of 1901.

A DSS&A Historical Society copy of a telegram dated December 30, 1960 indicates "that the Minneapolis St. Paul & Sault Ste Marie Railroad Company and Wisconsin Central Railroad Company into theDuluth Shouth Shore and Atlantic railroad company as surviving corporation with name changed to Soo Line Railroad Company has been filed and this date and the merger is now effective." [DSSAHS]