Railroad: Michigan East & West Railway Company

Manistee & Grand Rapids → Michigan East & West Ry. → xxxxx

Acquired: 1916 - Manistee & Grand Rapids.

Operations Ended: 1916 - abandoned.

Reference: [MRRC]

1913 - Renamed Road is to Issue $1,000,000 Bonds. The Manistee & Grand Rapids railroad is a thing of the past and the Michigan East & West is the name o the line, 72 miles long, which runs through territory near Manistee. The state railroad commission today authorized a stock issue of $1,000,000 to the new company. The old road went through a receivership and has been reorganized under the new name and $200,000 will be used for the conveyance of assetts of the road. [St. Joseph Daily Press - 1913-1226] 

1919 - Order GR&I to Give Service - Operations to be Resumed Over the Michigan East and West Railroad. Judge Hal L. Cutler, of LUther, Friday received word from Director General of Railroads Hines that he had orrdered the Grand Rapids and Indiana railway to operate trains over the Michigan East and West railroad.

It is expected that service will be resumed immediately and that better service will be given than formerly. The road has not been operated for nearly a month, as the Joyce interests of Chicago, which recently purchased it are trying to junk the road as they claim it is not a paying proposition. It is expected that Joyce interests will endeavor to fight the government's order to the Grand Rapids and Indiana. The president of the GR&I agreed to operate the road if the director general would issue such an order. The Michigan East and West railroad runs through Manistee, Lake, Mason and Osceola counties. It touches abouy 40 towns and villages. [LSJ-1919-0307]