Railroad: Menominee and Marinette Light and Traction Company (E)

Menominee Electric Light, Railway & Power Co. + 1 other → Menominee & Marinette Light and Traction Co. → Ended Operation

Consolidated: 1903 - the Menominee Electric Light, Railway & Power Company and the Marinette Gas Electric Light & Street Railway.

Operations Ended: 1928 - Businesses moved to busses.

Reference: [MRRC]

Construction of Menominee electric lines began in 1890. along with a similar company in Marinette, WI, they served the area interchanging passengers in the middle of the interstate bridge. Both railroads were owned by their respective electric power companies. In 1903, these parent companies combined and so did the railroads, creating this traction company.

As revenues declined busses were attempted. The international bridge needed rebuilding and the company didn't have sufficient resources to do so. The company receivef permission in 1928 to close, and transfer riders to busses. [CERA]