Railroad: Marquette County Gas and Electric Company (E)

Marquette Co. Gas Light & Traction → Marquette County Gas & Electric Co.  → Marquette Co. Electric Ry.

Bought: 1906 - acquired Marquette County Gas Light & Traction.

Conveyed: 1917 - to Marquette County Electric Railway.

Reference: [MRRC]

Started in 1893, this was at first a summer-only operation. Within a couple of years, it was operating year around. For 14 years, it used single-truck cars. The company reorganized into the Marquette Consolidated Gas Light & Traction Co.

In 1907 three double-trucked cars were substituted. Under the weight of these heavy cars, 40-lb. rail was replaced by 60-lb. rail in 1911. 

The best years of this operation were from 1910 to 1913. Success depended on hauling baseball fans and picnickers to Union and Cleveland parks.

The last run was made on August 20, 1927.