Railroad: Marquette City Railway Company (E)

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Bought: 1925 - the Marquette City & Presque Isle Railway Company [CERA]

Operations Ended: 1935

Reference: [MRRC]

Street car operations began as the Marquette City & Presque Isle Ry. in 1891 from Marquette to Presque Isle Park, a mile north of town on Lake Superior (near the current LS&I Presque Isle ore dock). This railroad also provided a substantial amount of freight businss for the LS&I and a chemical plant (Cliffs Dow). In 1925, this railroad was reorganized as the Marquette City Ry. Co. in 1925. Conditions became worse and after 1930 there was no money available for repairs or replacement of rolling stock. The last car operated on Apri 19, 1935. [CERA]

The traction railroad's power house and car barn were located along Lake Superior (bay) near the current LS&I docks.