Railroad: Flint Belt Railroad Company

The Flint Belt Railroad Company was organized and incorporated June 7, 1921 under the laws of the State of Michigan for the purpose of constructing, maintaining and operating a belt line railroad in and around the City of Flint. The road is designed particularly to serve manufacturing industries in Flint and to provide a cut-off by which certain Pere Marquette trains may be operated around the congested portion of the city.

The City of Flint acquired and donated 101.51 acres for use as a 1`00-foot right-of-way for the entire original li9ne. The land was valued at $140,244.The road was placed in operation June 5,1923. Work was financed through cash advances made from time to time by the Pere Marquette Railway Co. In payment for these advanced PM acquired all the outstanding Capital Stock of the Flint Belt Railroad. The revenues of the Flint Belt are derived principally from switching operations performed for the PM and industries in and adjacent to the City of Flint.

The PM has right to operate its trains over the tracks of the Flint Belt between McGrew Junction and Atwood Junction, a distance of 8.078 miles. The beltline  owns no equipment. The PM supplies locomotives and crews on an hourly rental basis. 

BuiltFlint Belt RRPere Marquette.

Built: 1922 - Atwood Junction to McGrew Yard, Flint

Became: Operated by Pere Marquette.  Merged into C&O in 1955.

Reference: [MRRC]

This became the north-south main line of the Pere Marquette in Flint. The former mainline through downtown was downgraded and eventually truncated.