Railroad: Chicago and Canada Southern Railway Company

2 lines → C&CS (1873-1879) → LS&MS

Built: 1873 - line opened from Slocum Junction to Fayette, Ohio, via Dundee, Deerfield, Grosvenor and Morenci.

Leased: 1879 to the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern and then to the Detroit & Chicago Railroad company which was controlled by the LS&MS. It became their Fayette Branch. Between 1893 and 1897, the line from Dundee to Grovsnor was pulled up.

In 1879, the portion of the line from Slocum Junction to Dundee was sold to the Detroit & Lima Northern (becoming the DT&I's original main line).

Reference: [MRRC]

This was part of a second effort for the Canada Southern railroad interests to establish a line from southwest Ontario to Chicago. At one point, this line reached from Grosse Isle to Fayette, Ohio, but it was underfunded and fell into the hands of the Vanderbilt interests through the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern.