Railroad: Alpena and Northern Railroad Company

Built Alpena and Northern RairoadDetroit & Mackinac Ry.

 Built: 1893

Sold to: Detroit & Mackinac in 1895.

Reference: [MRRC]

The Alpena and Northern Railroad was built in 1893 from Alpena (north of the Thunder Bay River) to LaRoque (now knwon as Hawks) in Presque Isle County. The Jackson Lake branch from LaRoque to the Valentine Lake area in Montmorency County was built in 1894. This railroad was affiliated with the logging interests of the Alger, Smith & Company. In 1895, the line was sold to the Detroit & Mackinac Railway.

A&N Time CardTimeline:

December 19.1893. The Alpena & Northern Railroad is completed nearly to Lake May. [DFP-12/18/1893]

April 11, 1895. Alpena & Northern Sold. After negotiations lasting several months, a deal has just been consummated whereby the Alpena & Norrthern passes into the control of the Detroit & Mackinac. The Alpena & Northern was the property of Alger, Smith & Co. It runs back some 60 miles into their timber limits. One regular freight, a mail and passenger train and five log trains hae done a large business. The terms of the deal are private. [D&M] General Manager Hawks gives it out that the road will not be extended north this year, and if satisfactory freight rates can be secured over the Michigan Central, the Detroit & Mackinac will continue to use the MichiganCentral line to Bay City [via Alger]. [PHTH-4/11/1895]