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Station Railroads Comments
15th Street Interlocking CP (Conrail/PC/NYC/MC) Tunnel photo.
20th Street Interlocking CP (Conrail/PC/NYC/MC)
Advanced Departure Yard (NYC)
Allen Park
Bay City Jct. NS (NYC) Interlocking diagram.
Beaubien Jct. NS/CN (NYC/GTW) Photo.
Beech CSX [PM]
Belleville NS [NW/Wab] Depot photos.
Belt Line Jct. GTW/MC Interlocker diagram.
Bonaparte Yard DTRR Detroit, N. of Tireman Ave.
Campeau Junction MC/DSR
Car Ferry Operation - MCRR MC Photo of ferry barge.
Clay Avenue
CP Lou Conrail/CSX
Davison Avenue GTW/DSR
Davison Yard DTRR E/of North Yard tower.
Dearborn NS (CR/PC/NYC/MC) Depot photo.
Dearborn Avenue DTI/DSR Interlocking diagram.
Dearborn - Amtrak NS (CR/PC)
Dearborn - Rougemere CSX (CO/PM)
Dearborn - Schaefer Tower NS (CR/PC/NYC/MC)
Dearborn - Townline Jct.  (J) NS (CR/PC/NYC/MC) Junction diagram.  Train.
Detroit House of Correction CSX [PM]
Denton NS (NYC/MC/Interurban) Interurban depot photo.
Detroit - Menu of Locations All Roads
Detroit - Fort Street Union Station PM/PRR/Wabash Photo
Detroit - MCRR Station (Amtrak/PC/NYC/MC/CP/PM) Photographs.
     MCRR Station - Inside (Amtrak/PC/NYC/MC/CP/PM) Photographs.
     MCRR Station - Postcard Views (Amtrak/PC/NYC/MC/CP/PM) Photographs.
Detroit - MCRR Third Street Station (MC) Photo.
Detroit-Windsor Tunnel MCRR Photo of sinking tunnel tubes.  Postcards.
     Tunnel Construction MCRR Photos.
Delray NS/CSX (UB/DT&I) Tower and photo of Red Arrow. Diagrams.
Delray Jct.
Denton NS [CR/PC/NYC/MC]
Detroit-Windsor Tunnel CN/CR (NYC)
Drawbridge (River Rouge) MC/NYC
East Warren Yard DTRR
East Yard (CSX) CSX (PM)
East Yard (GTW) GTW E/of Belt Line Jct.
Ecorse Jct. (aka. Victoria Avenue) NS [Wabash/N&W/CR/PC/NYC/MC] Diagram and photos of crossing.
Edison Station CN Photo.  Near Slocum Jct.
Elm CSX [PM]
Eloise NS [CR/PC/NYC/MC/Electric] Information.
Flat Rock CN/I&O [GTW/DTI] DT&I depot photo.
FN (Trenton) Tower NS/CN [MC/LSMS/DT&I/D&TSL] Photos of tower.  Model board.
Ford Junction DT/GTW
Fordson (NYC)
Foreman Wye NS/CSX [PRR/CSX/Wab]
Forest Avenue GTW/DSR
Forest Lawn DT/GTW Tower photo.
Forest Lawn GTW/MC
Fort Street MC/NYC/DSR
Fort Street PM/Electric
Fort Street Union Station PM/Wabash/PRR Overhead Photo
French Landing NS [NW/Wab]
Fullerton CSX (UB/PM)
Garden City
Grand Trunk Junction NS/Conrail/CN  [NYC/MC/GTW] Also known as West Detroit
Gratiot Avenue GTW/DSR
Gratiot Avenue MC/DSR
Greenfield CSX [PM]
Greenfield Village NS/GVRR [CR/PC/NYC/MC] Smith's Creek station.
Grosse Isle [NYC/MCRR/CS] Depot photo.
Grosse Pointe
Grosse Pointe Farms
Grosse Point Park
Grosse Pointe Shores
Grosse Pointe Woods
Hamilton Avenue DT/DSR
Hand NS [NW/Wab] Depot photo.
Harper Woods
Highland Park
Inkster NS (NYC)
Jefferson Avenue DT-DSR-Wabash
Junction Avenue PM-WAB-DSR
Junction Yard (CR-NYC) Yard and incline coaling station.
Lake Shore Jct. LSMS/GTW
Lincoln Park
Lincoln Yard PRR
Livernois Yard NS (NYC)
Mack Avenue GTW-DSR
Mack Yard DTRR
Main Street (Plymouth) PM/Electric
Manifest NS
Michigan Avenue DT-PM-Electric
Mill Street MC-DTSL
Milwaukee Avenue GTW-DSR
Milwaukee Jct. NS/CN (MCRR/GTW) Tower and offices photos.
Nankin CSX [PM]
New Boston CSX (PM)
Newburg Station [DUR] Photos.
Nolan Yard GTW S/of 8 Mile Road.
Northville CSX (PM) Depot photo.
North Detroit MC Fatal accident [External]
North Yard MC
North Yard Tower SAA/CN (MCRR/DTRR/GTW) Tower photo.
Oak CSX (PM)
Oakland Avenue GTW-DSR
Oakwood DTI/Wabash/DUR DUR accident report [external]
Oakwood Yard NS (Wabash/N&W) Melvindale
Oakwood Jct. NS/SAA (DD&D/WAB)
Oakwood Yard NS [NW/Wab] Photo of east end.
P-Company Jct. CSX (PRR/PM)
Peninsular Salt Works NYC/DTSL
Penford Jct. SAA/CN (DT&I/PRR) Photo of tower and crossing.  Accident report [external]
Pleasant Street (YD) MC/NYC Tower photo w/B&O steam.
Plymouth CSX (PM/F&PM/DL&N) Old depot photo, modern facilities.
     Plymouth Yard CSX (PM/F&PM/DL&N) Old and new photos of the north yard.
Redford Jct.
River Rouge CSS [CR/PC/NYC/MC/LSMS] Depot photo.
River Yard DTRR
Romulus NS/CSX (WAB/PM) Tower photo, depot.
Rouge Bridge (NYC) NYC Photo.
Rouge Bridge (NS/Wabash) NS/GTW (D&TSL/Wabash) Bridge and Tower Photo.
Rouge Telegraph CSX (PM) North end of Rougemere.  Photo.
Rougemere Yard CSX (PM) Report of fatal accident [external]
Schaefer Tower DTI/MC Tower photo.
Sheldon NS [CR/PC/NYC/MC]
Sibley DTI/MC (Spur) Solvey Process Company locomotive.
Slocum Junction MC/DTSL
Smith Yard MC SE Corner at West Detroit
Springwells (NYC)
Spring Works (C.P.) NS (NYC)
Stark CSX [PM] Depot photo.
Town Line  (J) NS (NYC) Passenger train photo.
Trenton (FN) DTI/DTSL/MC/NYC Tower photo.  Accident report.
Tunnel Yard Office, Dearborn CSX/CP Photo.
Van Dyke Yard DTRR
Van Dyke Street GTW/DSR
Victoria Street (River Rouge) NS/GTW [DTSL/MC/PRR/Wabash/DD&D] 1907 track diagram.  2002 photo.
Vinewood Avenue (Detroit) CR [MC/LSMS/GTW/DTSL] Fatal accident report [External]
Waltz CSX [PM] Photos.
Warren Avenue DT/DSR
Wayne NS/CSX (NYC/PM) Depot photo with locomotive.
Wayne Jct. NS/CSX (NYC/PM) Photo.
West Detroit NS/CN (NYC/DTSL) Two Photos. Inside and out.  RR accident report [External]
West Detroit Yard GTW North of W. Detroit tower.
West End
West Warren Yard DTRR Dearborn
Willow CSX [PM]
Wyandotte CR (MCRR/NYC) DepotFatal accident report [External]
Wyandotte DTI/MC (Spur)
Wyandotte DUR/MC (Spur)
Woodward Avenue DT/DSR
YD Tower NYC [MC/LSMS] Tower photo.