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Station Railroad(s) Comments
Thornton Jct. CN/UP (GTW/Mopac) Train passing tower photo.
Elkhart, Indiana NS (CR/PC/NYC/LSMS) Depot photo with train.
LaPorte, Indiana NS/CSX Depot.
LaPorte, Indiana - Judd Tower Conrail/CSX Tower and train.
Michigan City, Indiana MC Depot and train.
Steubenville, Indiana Wabash/ Depot and tower.
Valpariso, Indiana GTW Depot photos.
Delta, Ohio NS/INER (NYC/DT&I/Wabash) Penn Central photo.
Deshler, Ohio C&O/B&O Tower and CTC Photos.
Fostoria, Ohio CSX/NS T&OC depot.
F Tower, Fostoria, Ohio CSX/NS Tower photo.
Hammler, Ohio B&O/DT&I Tower photo.
Oak Harbor, Ohio NS (CR/NYC/LSMS) Depot and passing train.
Chatham, Ontario C&O Depot/train photo.
Glencoe, Ontario CN/VIA Depot photos.
Komoka, Ontario CN/CP VIA train photo.
London, Ontario CP/CN/CASO Depot photo.
Melrose, Ontario CP/CN CP train crossing diamond.
St. Thomas, Ontario PC/NYC/MCRR/CASO Depot photos.
Sarnia, Ontario CN/CSX (PM) Depot photos, engine terminal.
Woodstock, Ontario CN/CP Depot photos.