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Station Railroad(s) Comments
Adams [NYC/MC]
Albion NS [CR/NYC/MC/LSMS] "A" Interlocker, maps, Depot photo.
Athens [NYC/MC]
Battle Creek NS/CN [CR/NYC/MC/GTW/DT&M] Station photos.  Willard Library link.
   Battle Creek GTW Shops CN [GTW] Shop photos. 
   Battle Creek GTW Station [GTW] Station photos. 
   Battle Creek - Hall (Beech) Street GTW/MichiganTraction/MCRR Interlocker diagram.
   Battle Creek - Main Street MCRR/Electric Ry. Interlocker diagram.
   Battle Creek - McCamley Street GTW/DT&M Interlocker diagram.  Story.
   Battle Creek - MCRR Station [NYC/MC] Station photos. 
   Battle Creek - Nichols Tower NS/CN [CR/NYC/MC/GTW] Interlocker diagram.
   Battle Creek - Rose Street Tower [C.J.&M./St.L.S.&B.C.] Interlocker diagram.
   Battle Creek - Spencer St. Interlocking MCRR/Traction Co. Interlocker diagram.
Beaute Lake [MC/DT&M]
Burlington [CR/NYC/MC] Crossing diagram.
Ceresco NS [CR/NYC/MC] Depot photo.
Clarendon [CR/NYC/MC]
Condit [NYC/LSMS] 2003 Depot photos.
East Leroy [NYC/MC]
Eckford [MC/DT&M] Depot photo.
Fort Custer NS [CR/PC/NYC/MC] Fatal accident report [External]
Grover [DT&M] Map of station location.
Homer [MC/LSMS/DT&M] Depot photo.
Lime Siding CN [GTW]
Marengo NS [CR/NYC/MC]
Marshall NS [CR/NYC/MC/DT&M] MCRR station and passenger train.
   Marshall Shops [Southern/MCRR/DT&M] Early photograph of facilities.
Nichols NS/CN [CR/NYC/MC/GTW] Interlocker diagram.  Tower picture.
Pennfield CN [GTW]
Renton CN [GTW]
Senoma [NYC/MC]
Tekonsha [CR/NYC/MC]
West Leroy [NYC/MC]
Wheatfield NS [CR/NYC/MC/]
Wilder [MC/DT&M]