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Station Railroad(s) Comments
Alfred CSX [PM]
Avery Amtrak [CR/NYC/MC]
Barod [NYC/Big4]
Benton Harbor CSX [PM/NYC/MC] Depot photos.
Berrien Springs Interurban bridge and station photos.
Bridgman CSX [PM] Depot photo with approaching train.
Buchanan Amtrak [CR/NYC/MC] Depot photo with passenger train.
Coloma CSX [PM] Depot photo.
Dayton Amtrak [CR/NYC/MC]
Derby [NYC/MC] Depot photos.
Eue Claire
Galien Amtrak [CR/NYC/MC/Big4] Photo.
Glendora [MC] Depot photo.
Harbart CSX [PM] Depot photo.
Hilltop CSX [PM]
Hinchman [PM] Depot photo.
Hollywood [NYC/Big4]
House of David   Photo, information.
Lakeside CSX [PM] Depot photo.
Livingston CSX [PM]
New Buffalo Amtrak/CSX [CR/NYC/MC/PM] Coal dock photo.  NYC Depot.
Niles Amtrak [CR/NYC/MC] Main menu for Niles facilities.
Riverside CSX [PM] Bridge information over Paw Paw River, 1872.
St. Joseph CSX [PM/NYC/Big4] Depot photo.
Sawyer CSX [PM] Depot photo with train.
Sodus [CCC&StL] Depot photo.
Stevensville CSX [PM] Depot photo with train.
Three Oaks Amtrak [CR/NYC/MC] Depot photo.
Union Pier CSX [PM] Depot photo.
Watervliet CSX [PM] Depot photo.