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Railroads are listed here which actually built track.  Many other roads were planned, incorporated but never built.  Construction railroads are also generally not listed.

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Adrian and Blissfield Railroad

Adrian City Electric Belt Railway

Adrian Street Railway

Alanson & Petosky Railroad

Alger, Smith and Company [3' 6"]

Algoma Central Railroad (Ontario)

Algonac Transit Company

Allegan and Lake Shore Railroad [3']

Allegan and South Eastern Railroad

Alleytown & Big Lake Railroad [3']


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Allouez Mining Company [4']

Alpena & Hubbard Lake [3']

Alpena and Northern Railroad

Amboy, Lansing and Traverse Bay Railroad


Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti Electric Railway

Ann Arbor Railroad

Ann Arbor Street Railway

Arcadia & Betsey River Railroad

Au Sable and Northwestern [3']



Battle Creek & Sturgis Railway

Battle Creek Electric Railway [E]

Battle Creek Railway [H]

Battle Creek Street Railway Company [H,E]

Bay Cities Consolidated Railway [E]

Bay City and Alpena Railroad

Bay City and Battle Creek Railway

Bay City and East Saginaw Rail Road

Bay City and Portsmouth Railway

Bay City Belt Line Railroad

Bay City Street Railway [H]

Bay City Terminal Railway

Bay City Traction and Electric Company [E]

Bay De Noquet and Marquette Rail Road

Bay Springs & Southeastern

Bay View Little Traverse and Mackinac Rail Road

Bear Lake and Eastern Rail Road

Bear lake Train Railway [3']


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Benton Harbor & Eastman Springs [E]

Benton Harbor and St. Joseph Electric Railway and    Light Company [E]

Benton Harbor, Coloma and Paw Paw Lake Train Railway [E]

Benton Harbor-St. Joe Railway & Light Company [E]

Big Rapids and Western Railroad

Black River Railroad [3']

Blaney and Southerm Railway

Blissfield Railroad

Boyne City and Southeastern

Boyne City, Gaylord and Alpena Railroad

Boyne City Railroad

Boyne Falls & Northeastern

Boyne Valley Railroad

Buchanan & St. Joseph River Railroad

Buckley and Douglas Rail Road [3']

Burt and Gamble [3']



Cadillac & Lake City Railroad

Cadillac & Northeastern [3']

Canada and St. Louis Railway

Canada Southern Railway

Canada Southern Bridge Co.

Canadian National Railway

Canadian Pacific Railway

Caro and Lake Huron Railroad

Cass Avenue Railway [H]

Central line

Central Market, Cass Ave. and Third St. Railway [H]

Central Michigan

Central Michigan Railway

Chesapeake and Ohio Railway

Chessie System

Chicago and Canada Southern Railway

Chicago and Grand Trunk Railway

Chicago and Kalamazoo Terminal Railroad

Chicago and Lake Huron Railroad

Chicago & Michigan Lake Shore

Chicago and Northeastern Railroad

Chicago and North Michigan Railroad

Chicago and North Western Railway

Chicago and North Western Transportation

Chicago & West Michigan


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Chicago, Detroit and Canada Grand Trunk Junction Rail Road

Chicago, Indiana & Southern Railroad

Chicago Kalamazoo and Saginaw Railway

Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway

Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad

Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railroad

Chicago, Saginaw and Canada Railroad

Chicago, St. Paul and Fond du Lac Rail Road

Cincinnati, Jackson and Mackinaw Railroad

Cincinnati and Michigan Railroad

Cincinnati, Jackson and Mackinaw Railroad

Cincinnati Northern Railroad

Cincinnati, Saginaw and Mackinaw

Cincinnati, Wabash and Michigan Railway

Citizens Street Railway [E]

Citizens Street Railway Company of Battle Creek {E]

City Electric Railway Company of Port Huron [E]

Clam River Railroad [3']

Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway

Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co.

Cobbs and Mitchell [3']

Coe Rail

Coldwater, Marshall and Mackinaw Rail Road


Copper Range

CSX Transportation



Delray Connecting Railroad

Delray Terminal Railroad

Department of Street Railways, City of Detroit [E]

Detroit, Almont & Northern [E]

Detroit &  Bay City

Detroit and Charlevoix Railroad

Detroit and Chicago Railroad

Detroit and Huron Railway

Detroit and Ironton Railroad

Detroit & Lake St. Clair Railway [E]

Detroit and Lima Northern Railway

Detroit and Mackinac Railway

Detroit & Milwaukee

Detroit and Northwestern [E]

Detroit and Pontiac Railroad

Detroit & Port Huron Shore Line Railway [E]

Detroit & River St. Clair Railway [E]

Detroit and State Line Railroad

Detroit and Toledo Shore Line Railroad

Detroit, Bay City & Alpena Railroad

Detroit, Bay City & Western Railroad

Detroit Belt Line Railroad

Detroit, Caro and Sandusky Railway

Detroit, Charlevoix and Escanaba Rail Road

Detroit Citizens' Street Railway [E]


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Detroit City Railway [E]

Detroit, Delray and Dearborn Railroad

Detroit Electric Railway [E]

Detroit Electric Railway Co., The [E]

Detroit, Flint & Saginaw Railway [E]

Detroit, Grand Haven and Milwaukee Railway

Detroit, Grand Rapids & Western Railroad

Detroit, Hillsdale and Indiana Rail Road

Detroit, Hillsdale & South Western Railroad

Detroit Jackson & Chicago Railway [E]

Detroit, Lansing & Lake Michigan

Detroit, Lansing & Northern Rail Road

Detroit, Mackinac and Marquette

Detroit Manufacturers Railroad

Detroit, Monroe and Toledo Railroad

Detroit, Monroe & Toledo Short Line Railway [E]

Detroit, Plymouth & Northville Railway

Detroit River Tunnel Company

Detroit Southern Railroad

Detroit Terminal Railroad

Detroit, Toledo & Ironton

Detroit, Toledo & Milwaukee Railroad

Detroit Union Railroad Depot & Station Company

Detroit United Railway [E]

Detroit, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor and Jackson Railway [E]

Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic



Eastern Michigan Railways [E]

East Jordan & Southern Railroad

Empire & Southeastern Railroad

Erie and Kalamazoo Railroad


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Erie and Michigan Railway and Navagation Co.

Escanaba and Lake Superior

Escanaba Electric Street Railway [E]

Essex Terminal Railroad




Flint and Holly Rail Road

Flint & Pere Marquette 

Flint Belt Railroad


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Fort Street Union Depot Company

Fort Wayne and Jackson Railroad

Frankfort and South Eastern Railroad [3']




Glencoe, Pinconning and Lake Shore Railroad

Grand Haven Street Railway [E]

Grand Haven & Muskegon Railway [S/E]

Grand Rapids & Indiana Railway

Grand Rapids, Belding & Saginaw Railroad

Grand Rapids, Grand Haven and Muskegon Railway

Grand Rapids, Holland & Chicago Railway [E]

Grand Rapids, Kalkaska & Southeastern Railroad


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Grand Rapids, Newaygo and Lake Shore Rail RoadGrand Rapids Railway [E]

Grand River Valley Railroad

Grand Trunk Railway Co. of Canada

Grand Trunk Western

Grass Lake and Manistee River Railroad [3']

Grayling, Twin Lakes and Northeastern Railroad




Hancock and Calumet Railroad [3' until changed]

Harbor Springs Railway [2' 6"]

Hecla and Torch Lake Railroad 

Hecla Belt Line Railroad

Hemlock Central Railroad [30"]

Highland Park Railway [E]

Hillsdale County Railway


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Hobart and Manistee River Rail Road [3']

Holly, Wayne & Monroe Railway

Houghton County Street Railway [E]

Houghton County Traction [E]

Huron & Eastern Railway

Huron & Western Railway




Indiana & Lake Michigan

Indiana, Illinois and Iowa Railroad

Inland Lime and Stone Co. [E]

InterUrban Railway co. of Saginaw [E]

Ionia & Lansing

Iron Mountain Rail Road


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Iron Range & Huron Bay Railroad

Iron River, Stambaugh & Crystal Falls Street Railway [E]

Ironwood and Bessemer Railway and Light Co. [E]

Island Mining Co.

Ithaca and Alma Rail Road




Jackson and Battle Creek Traction Co. [E]

Jackson and Northern Railroad [3']

Jackson Consolidated Traction Co. [E]


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Jackson, Lansing and Saginaw Railroad

Jackson Street Railway Co. [E]





Kalamazoo, Allegan and Grand Rapids Rail Road

Kalamazoo and Lake Michigan Railway [E]

Kalamazoo and South Haven Rail Road

Kalamazoo and White Pigeon Railroad


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Kalamazoo, Lake Shore and Chicago Railway [E]

Kalamazoo Transportation Co. [E]

Kent, Barry, Eaton connecting Railway

Keweenaw Central Railroad




Lac la Belle and Calumet Rail Road [3']

Lake Huron and Southwestern Railway [3']

Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway

Lake States Railway

Lake Superior and Ishpeming

Lake Superior District Power Co. [E]

Lansing & Northeastern Railway [E]

Lansing City Electric Railway [E]

Lansing Manufacturers Railroad


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Lansing Southern Railroad [E]

Lansing Transit Railway

Lansing Transportation Co. [E]

Leelanau Transit Co.

Lenawee County Railroad

Lewiston and Southeastern Railroad [3']

Little River Railroad

Lowell and Hastings Railroad

Ludington and Northern Railway




Mackinac & Marquette Railroad

Mackinac Transportation Co.

Manistee & Grand Rapids Railroad

Manistee & Luther Railroad [3']

Manistee and Northeastern

Manistee, Filer City & East Lake Railway [E]

Manistee Light and Traction Co. [E]

Manistee Railroad [E]

Manistique and Lake Superior Railroad

Manistique and Northern Railroad

Manistique and Northwestern Railway

Manistique, Marquette and Northern Railroad

Manistique Railway

Mansfield, Coldwater and Lake Michigan Rail Road

Marquette and Ontonagon Railroad

Marquette and Ontonagon Railway

Marquette and Southeastern Railway

Marquette and Western Railroad

Marquette City and Presque Isle Railway [E]

Marquette City Railway Co. [E]

Marquette County Electric Railway [E]

Marquette, Houghton & Ontonagon

Mason and Oceana Railroad [3']

Mecosta Railroad [3']

Menominee and Marinette Light and Traction Co. [E]

Menominee and St. Paul Railway

Menominee Electric Light, Railway and Power Co. [E]

Menominee River Railroad

Michigan Air Line Railroad

Michigan Air Line Railway

Michigan and Ohio Railroad


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Michigan Central

Michigan Central Railway LLC (new)

Michigan Electric Railway [E]

Michigan Interstate Railway

Michigan Lake Shore Rail Road

Michigan, Midland and Canada Railroad

Michigan Northern Railway

Michigan Railroad [E]

Michigan Railway [E]

Michigan Shore Railroad

Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Rail Road

Michigan Southern Railroad

Michigan Suburban Railroad [E]

Michigan Traction Co. [E]

Michigan United Railways [E]

Michigan-Wisconsin Transportation Co. [CF]

Midland Train Railway [3']

Mid-Michigan Railroad

Milwaukee & Northern Railroad

Milwaukee, Benton Harbor & Columbus Railway

Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railway

(The) Milwaukee Road (CMStP&P)

Mineral Range Railroad [3' until change]

Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie

Munising, Marquette and Southeastern Railway

Munising Railway

Muskegon Lake Railroad

Muskegon Railway [E]

Muskegon River and Rose Lake Railway [3']

Muskegon Traction and Lightong Co. [E]

Muskrat Lake and Clam River Rail Road [3']




Nahma & Northern

National Railroad Passenger Corp.

Naugaunee & Ishpeming Railway and Electric Co. [E]

Newberry Lumber and Coal. Co.

New York Central Railroad


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Norfolk and Western Railway

Norfolk Southern

Northern Central Michigan Rail Road

Northern Michigan Railroad

North Park Street Railway [E]




Ohio and Morenci Railroad

Onaway & North Michigan Railway

Ontonagan and Brule River Railroad

Ontonagan and Flintsteel Railway


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Ontonagan Railroad

Owosso & Corunna Electric Co. [E]

Owosso and North Western Railroad




Palmyra and Jacksonburgh Rail-road

Paris & Pere Marquette River Railroad [3' 1"]

Peninsula Railroad

Peninsular Railroad

Penn Central


Pennsalt Railroad

Pennsylvania Railroad

Pere Marquette

Pere Marquette Transportation Co. [CF]

Pinconning Railroad


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Pontiac and Sylvan Lake Railway [E]

Pontiac Belt Railroad

Pontiac, Oxford and Northern Railroad

Pontiac, Oxford and Port Austin Railroad

Port Huron and Detroit Railroad

Port Huron and Lake Michigan Rail Road

Port Huron and Northwestern Railway [3' until 1899]

Port Huron Electric Railway [E]

Port Huron Railway [E]

Port Huron Southern Railroad

Potts Logging Railway [3']




Quincy and Torch Lake Railroad [3']


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Quinnesec & Western Railway Company




Rapid Railway [E]

Rapid River and Eastern Rail Road Company [3']


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Republic Branch Railroad Company

Rockland Mining Company

Ruddock, Nuttal and Company [3']




Saginaw and Clare County Railroad

Saginaw and Flint Railway [E]

Saginaw and Mount Pleasant Railroad [3' until 1888]

Saginaw and Western Railroad

Saginaw Bay and Northwestern Rail Road

Saginaw-Bay City Railway [E]

Saginaw Transit Co. [E]

Saginaw, Tuscola and Huron Railroad [3' until 1891]

Saginaw Valley and St. Louis Railroad

Saginaw Valley Traction Co. [E]

St. Clair and Chicago Air Line Railroad

St. Clair and Western Railroad

St. Clair Tunnel Co.

St. Joseph and Benton Harbor Street Railway [E]

St. Joseph, South Bend and Southern Railroad

St. Joseph Valley Rail Road

Sainte Marie Union Depot Co.

Sault Ste. Marie Bridge Co.

Sault Ste. Marie Street Railway [E]

Sault Ste. Marie Terminal Railway

Sault Ste. Marie Traction Co. [E]

Shelby and Detroit Railroad

Soo Line Railroad

"Southern" line, State of Michigan

Southern Michigan Railroad Society


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Southern Michigan Railway [E]

South Grand Rapids Street Railway [E]

South Haven & Eastern Railroad

Southwestern Michigan Railroad

Street Railway co. of Grand Rapids [E]

Sturgis, Goshen and St. Louis Railway

Superior Terminal Railway

St. Joseph Valley Rail Road

Sainte Marie Union Depot Co.

Sault Ste. Marie Bridge Co.

Sault Ste. Marie Street Railway [E]

Sault Ste. Marie Terminal Railway

Sault Ste. Marie Traction Co. [E]

Shelby and Detroit Railroad

Soo Line Railroad

Southeast Michigan Transportation Authority (SEMTA)

"Southern" line, State of Michigan

Southern Michigan Railroad Society

Southern Michigan Railway [E]

South Grand Rapids Street Railway [E]

South Haven & Eastern Railroad

Southwestern Michigan Railroad

Street Railway co. of Grand Rapids [E]

Sturgis, Goshen and St. Louis Railway

Superior Terminal Railway



Tahquamenon Boat Service [narrow gauge]

Tawas and Bay County Railroad [3'2"]

Terre Haute and Indianapolis Railroad

Thumb Railway

Toledo & Ann Arbor

Toledo and Milwaukee Railway

Toledo & South Haven [3']

Toledo & Western Railroad [E]

Toledo and Western Railway [E]

Toledo, Angola & Western Railway

Toledo, Ann Arbor and Grand Trunk Railway

Toledo, Ann Arbor and Jackson Railroad [E]

Toledo, Ann Arbor and Lake Michigan Railway

Toledo, Ann Arbor and Mt. Pleasant Railway


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Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan

Toledo, Canada Southern and Detroit Railway

Toledo-Detroit Railroad

Toledo, Ottawa Beach and Northern Railway [E]

Toledo, Saginaw aned Mackinaw Railroad

Toledo, Saginaw and Muskegon Railway

Toledo Terminal Railroad [Ohio]

Toledo, Ypsilanti and Saginaw Air Line Rail Road Company

Toonerville Trolley Railroad  (24" gauge)

Trans-St. Mary's Traction Co. [E]

Traverse City, Leelanau and Manistique

Traverse City Railroad

Tuscola and Saginaw Bay



Union Pacific Railroad

United Railroad Corporation

United States Steel Co. - Port Dolomite


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United Suburban Railway [E]

University of Michigan [E/D]




Valley City Street and Cable Railway [E]


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Wabash, St. Louis and Pacific Railway

West Michigan Railway Co. [E]

Wisconsin & Michigan

Wisconsin Central (old)

Wisconsin Central (new)


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Wisconsin, Michigan & Northern Railway

Wolf Lake Railway and Resort Co. [E]

Wyandotte and Detroit River Railway [E]

Wyandotte Southern Railroad

Wyandotte Terminal Railroad

Ypsilanti & Saline Electric Railway [E]


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