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  • General Remarks from Annual Report to the Commissioner of Railroads, 1875:  Locomotives are housed in the Calumet & Hecla Mining Company's Machine Shops.  The depot buildings and shops necessary to the working of the Railroad are furnished by the Calumet & Hecla Mining Company.  This road operates an incline 7/8th of one mile in length, and in connection uses a tug and scows furnished by the C&H Mining Company.  Said company also pays the expenses incurred by operating said Railroad, when said expenses are in excess of receipts, for the privilege of transporting its copper rock to its Stamp Mills situated at Torch Lake.  [MCR-75]
  • 1875:  Railroad 4 miles in length with one branch line (Calumet branch 1/2 mile long).  Railroad crosses the Mineral Range RR at Calumet at grade.  2 stations, no passenger cars, 4 box cars, 132 ore cars, 3 timber cars and 15 flat cars.  No locomotives are equipped with train brakes.  No accidents in 1875.  [MCR-75]





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