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DUR Grade From Rochester to Goodison.  From Charlie Whipp:  The DUR tracks north out of Rochester followed Rochester Road up the North Hill to Lake Orion Jct. (where the Imlay City line split off), which was located on the east side of Rochester Road near Tiemken Road.  There is a plastics plant located on the property now (2003).  The Flint Division tracks were double track, and the rail is still under the street north of town.  The rails in the downtown area were salvaged during a World War II metal drive.  From Lake Orion Jct. north, the tracks followed Orion Road for the most part.  Near the big hill south of Goodison, the tracks swung over to the Michigan Central right-of-way to follow along the MC, where they rejoined Orion Road, just south of Goodison.

The DUR crossed Paint Creek in Godison in front of the cider mill on a wooden trestle where you might be able to see pilings for the bridge still.  After Paint Creek, they crossed the road, following Territorial Road through town (passing right through where Rochester Gear is located) and once again crossed Orion Road heading across country (the DUR right of way is on a driveway on the first curve going north out of Goodison.

The DUR crossed Paint Creek again on a concrete bridge which is still there (2003) on the west side of Orion Road.  From Goodison north, the tracks followed Orion Road the test of the way, crossing over from one side of the road to the other at least twice, so look on both sides of the road for the old grade.  At the Eastlawn Cemetary, they headed straight west on the south side of the cemetary.  The grade is visable for much of the way long Orion Road between Goodison and Lake Orion, but some spots have been obliterated by suburbia.  The big fill and bridge over Paint Creek and the MC RR (at Lake Orion) are closer to M-24 than Orion Road. 


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