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Delray Connecting #3, near Jefferson Avenue.  3/2001 [Berry photo]





The Delray Connecting Railroad in Year 2000

The Delray Connecting Railroad was incorporated under the laws of Michigan on March 24, 1904 and began operations on July 1, 1904.  The DCRR is a Class III common carrier that is a switching and terminal line operating 15.46 miles of track in the downriver district of Detroit.  The DCRR will celebrate its Centennial in the year 2004.

The DCRR offers a full service track/maintenance department which offers the following services:

  • New track construction
  • Derailment repairs
  • Minor repairs and adjustments
  • Custom-tailored inspection programs
  • Tamping and lining

  • Trackmobile rental

  • Electrical troubleshooting and repairs


 DCRR also has a Raw Material department that processes and hauls raw materials such as nut coke, furnace coke, and breeze for Great Lakes Operations.  They have a fleet of semi trucks and trailers that haul the materials for Great Lakes Operaitons.

DCRR also offers a Car Repair facility that is certified by the Association of American Railroads that offers the following services:

  • General repairs
  • Wreck repairs
  • Fleet inspections
  • Rerailing
  • Exterior painting
  • Hopper and gondola cleaning
  • Wheel changes
  • Air work
The repairs can be done at their Delray facility or a mobile unit is available to go to customer facilities.  The DC Transportation Department is responsible for servicing Great Lakes Division, Honeywell and Darling.  This includes Dumper services (including hoppers and gondolas), Thaw shed services and switching services.


The DCRR Engine roster:
  • DCRR #1 - EMD SW1200 - 1200 hp, 120 ton. 8 cylinder.  Built in 1951.
  • DCRR #2 - EMD SW1200 - 1200 hp, 120 ton. 8 cylinder.  Built in 1952.
  • DCRR #3 - EMD SW600 - 600 hp, 101 ton.  6 cylinder.  Built in 1952.
There are three (3) bridges on the DCRR.  They are:
  • Bridge 141 - a 141 foot combination highway-rail bridge (main access to Zug Island).  Built in 1914.
  • Jefferson Ave. Swing Bridge (emergency hot metal escape route).  Built on an existing center pier in 1976.
  • Short-Cut Canal Bridge (hot metal).  Built in 1922 and modified in 1950's.
Information provided by DCRR on 7/16/2000.


Dale J. Berry, all rights reserved.