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A postcard view of the Detroit & Toledo Shore Line near Erie, Michigan.  The D&TSL extensively used "Geeps" for motive power.  Here, the lead locomotive is painted in bicentennial colors, while the second unit is in the more traditional D&TSL paint scheme.  1976 postcard.  [Dale Berry collection]  Below, D&TSL caboose 121 crosses the New York Central at Vickers, Ohio in 1975, just east of Toledo.  [Charlie Whipp]

Notes by Mike Delaney on 1/17/2005:  Regarding passenger trains, the D&TSL did run a passenger train for construction purposes when being built.  This is confirmed by an early D&TSL employee time table. 

Notes by Charlie Whipp on 1/16/2005:  The D&TSL ran transfers over the Toledo Terminal Railroad which connected with all Toledo railroads.  the Shore Line was an interesting railroad that had a lot of personality despite its being controlled by two larger railroads (NKP-GTW).  They did an excellent job and really lived up to their slogan, "Expressway for Industry".

Dale J. Berry, all rights reserved.