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Three photos of the Detroit, Caro & Sandusky, which operated in the thumb until 1953.  They were taken at or near Wilmot, Michigan where the DC&S crossed the Pontiac, Oxford & Northern (later GTW).  The bottom photo shows No. 3, with "OLD JERRY" stenciled on the side.  Crew members were Conductor Barney Heweitt (left) and Engineer Norm Chambers.  Dates of photos are unknown.  [Charlie Whipp Collection]

Known DC&S locomotives (from T. J. Gaffney):

No. Wheel Arrangement Manufacturer Notes
#3 2-6-0 Brooks "Old Jerry"; names for the engineer who ran her for most of her DC&S career.  Scrapped circa 1954.  Originally owned by the Detroit & Mackinac.
#7 2-6-0 ALCO "The Panama";  originally Grand Trunk #892, she was named this because of her use in the construction of the Panama Canal.  Scrapped in 1953/1954.
#9 2-6-0 ALCO No name, original history unknown, believed to have been D&M.  Scrapped in 1953/1954.
#11     Purchased from the Nickle Plate around 1920.
#12     Purchased from the Nickle Plate around 1920.
#14     Purchased from the Nickle Plate around 1920.
#31 4-6-0 Baldwin No name, original history unknown.  Scrappe in 1953/1954.
#134 4-6-0 Baldwin Originally Detroit & Mackinac Ry.  1900 vintage.

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